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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Emily Carr and Friends

This statue by Joe Fafard is of one of Canada's great icons Emily Carr an artist and writer born in Victoria, BC Throughout the late 1920s and 1930s Carr travelled away from Victoria. Her last trip north was in the summer of 1928, when she made a trip to the Nass and Skeena Rivers, as well as to the Queen Charlottes. She travelled to Friendly Cove and the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, and then up to Lillooet in 1933. Recognition of her work grew steadily, and she was exhibited in London, Paris, Washington and Amsterdam, as well as major Canadian cities.[18]

- I glory in our wonderful west and I hope to leave behind me some of the relics of its first primitive greatness. These things should be to us Canadians what the ancient Briton's relics are to the English. Only a few more years and they will be gone forever into silent nothingness and I would gather my collection together before they are forever past.[9]

Emily Carr documented Canadian history through her paintings and writings

Location:South Granville, Vancouver

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