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Friday, July 22, 2011

Britannia Mine

Nestled in the mountains along the scenic drive from Vancouver to Whistler is the historical town of Britannia. Most commonly know for it's old Copper Mine.

Dr AA Forbes first discovered copper on Britannia Mountain in 1888 leading to the creation of Britannia Mine in 1889. At one time it produced more copper than any mine in the British Commonwealth. having survived landslide, flood and fire the mine finally closed in 1974 when it became uneconomically viable. The main mine building was declared a national historic site in 1987. Tours are regularly conducted inside the mine giving tourists a feel of what it was like to work here in the 1800's This Sea to Sky wood sculpting studio is situated downtown Britannia. The magnificent wood carvings can be seen as you drive by on the Sea to Sky Highway

Location:Britannia Beach, BC

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