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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Park and Tilford Gardens

George Kuhn Plaque below statue reads: Former chair and CEO of Park and Tilford Distilleries. His vision and support enabled the construction of Park and Tilford Gardens which opened to the public in January 1969. The Gardens remain his gift to the community and the people of British Columbia

A beautiful Japanese Garden Is a tranquil area where people stop and sit for a while.

This western interpretation of the traditional Oriental style garden containing maples, pines, and bamboo pruned in the traditional Bonsai style.

The garden covers 3 acres and offers eight separate theme gardens including the Rose Garden where there are nearly 300 plants.

Location:North Vancouver, BC

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fisher Hauling in the Net

Gerhard Juchum's wonderful sculpture "Fisher Hauling in the Net" is located right beside the southeast corner of Livingstone Lake in Van Dusen Gardens

Mr. Juchum arrived in Vancouver from Romania in 1968 and died in 1977. During his brief career in Canada he produced more than 100 sculptures. "Fisher Hauling in the Net" was donated to VanDusen Botanical Garden in 1976. Two other sculptures by Juchum can be found in Vancouver - Lovers on the front lawn of City Hall and Untitled at Jericho Beach.

Location:Van Dusen Gardens

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Inukshuk

Text from the plaque to be found at the foot of this statue situated at the southern end of English Bay Beach. "Ancient symbols of Inuit culture traditionally used as landmarks and navigation aids, this grey granite statue representing a human form with outstretched arms is a well-known symbol in Canada of northern hospitality and friendship. Constructed originally by Alvin Kanak of Rankin Inlet, this monument was commissioned by the Government of the Northwest Territories for its pavilion at Expo 86, and given to the City of Vancouver. Permanent location of the Inukshuk on this site was sponsored as a gift to the city in 1987 by Coast Hotels through the Vancouver Legacies Programs. Vancouver Board of parks and Recreation"

Location:English Bay Beach, Vancouver BC

Amazing Laughter

Yue Minjun was a leading figure in what came to be known in the 1990’s as Cynical Realism, an artistic movement that emerged in China after the 1989 student demonstrations in Tiananmen and the suppression of artistic expression. Humor, cynicism, repetition and an emphasis on the individual are common characteristics of this artistic movement. He was one of the first artists to translate this new ironic view of contemporary life, one that is expressed in the nihilistic hilarity at a time when little was funny.(Vancouver Biennale Blog)

A collection of bronze sculptures made in the image of the artists likeness

These images bring so much joy and pleasure to residents and tourists who visit English Bay.

Location:English Bay, Vancouver BC

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Merritt Mountain Music Festival Art

The small town of Merritt BC has been host to the famous Merritt Mountain Music Festival for many years It is the largest country music festival in Canada and draws some of the biggest names in Country Music history.

Located three hours away from Vancouver, the town of Merritt is a beautiful place, surrounded by ranch lands and rivers which host rodeos and other events and showcase local talent

Year round visitors can wander through the Downtown to see its attractions which include over sixty giant murals and the Merritt Walk of Fame with hand prints of some of Country Music's hottest stars.

Almost every building has a giant size mural

In the recently built Spirit Square you can see murals of George Jones and Tanya Tucker

Painted by youths, the Merritt Murals are a government funded program which have become one of the town's many spectacular Country Music attractions.

Visitors can walk the streets and see the murals depicting Country Music legends such as Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Elvis Presley, Tim McGraw, Wilf Carter and many more which have graced the stage in the centre of town at the annual Merritt Mountain Music Festival.

The historic streets of Downtown Merritt are graced with hand prints from famous country music acts which have been collected since 1993 such as the Dixie Chicks, Billy Ray Cyrus, Keith Urban, Trisha Yearwood, Randy Travis, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash and much more. Travis Tritt hand print.

Johnny Reid the most recent mural

Location:Merritt, BC Canada