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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tragic Story of Pavel Kulisek

I was making my way around the "North Shore Art Crawl" today when I came across a demonstration. I stopped and read some of the placards that people were carrying and discovered it was a plea to free Pavel Kulisek, a man whose home is in North Vancouver and is unjustly imprisoned in Mexico. I had not been aware of this tragic story until now when I read about it on the website. I feel compelled to interrupt my blog to publish information about this man and his family.

Information below is from the website Dr. Ramona Penner, a family friend, recently visited Kulisek at a psychiatric prison in Mexico City, where he was transferred after he attempted to hang himself in his cell at Punta Grande federal maximum-security prison in Guadalajara on March 13.Dr. Penner says "even if Kulisek is physically healthy, the stress of three years in Mexican prison without an opportunity to prove his innocence have likely driven him to a dangerous level of emotional instability. “It’s clear that this situation has reached a crisis point, and I believe Pavel should be returned to Canada on humanitarian grounds so that he can receive proper medical care. The full story can be found on the website.....please take the time to read and share.

Location:North Vancouver and Mexico

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  1. The very good news is that Pavel has been released an is now back in Vancouver with his family