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Friday, April 8, 2011


Cavalia creator Normand Latourelle Now showing under the white big top at Olympic Village

In a testament to the patience that went into developing this show—“For all the hours that go into one minute of performance for an acrobat, it’s 10 times that for a horse,” Latourelle says—he encouraged the team to try to teach the animals that the airborne acrobats were not a threat. “Slowly, over two weeks, we brought a girl on a bungee down from the ceiling, lower and lower, and when she finally reached the horse she gave it a carrot. So it’s easy now: every time he sees somebody coming from the ceiling, he thinks a carrot is coming. And he’s Ok with that" "Of course, we have some horses that are more difficult because we don’t know their past. There’s the nice dressage horse, the white one—he’s new. When he started, we saw he was looking at his shadow on his left hand side. Something had scared him in his past. So we changed the choreography and the lighting so he doesn’t see his shadow anymore."

Location:Olympic Village, Vancouver BC

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