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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Historical Fort Langley

Fort Langley was part of a network of trading posts established by the Hudson Bay Company. Historically the functional Fort Langley had a relatively short life. From beginning to end it lasted some 60 years. The original structure was built by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1827. There are many buildings on this site from a school to houses to the trading post itself. The area is surrounded by a wall with lookouts at each corner.

Activity in Fort Langley reach its peak with the Gold Rush of 1858. Prospectors would depart from Fort Langley on their trek to find their fortune.

In 1923 Fort Langley was declared a site of national historic importance. In 1955 it was established as a National Historic Park. Many historical works of art are displayed throughout the buildings on site.

Demonstrations by the local people of the time are both interesting and educational.

Great photo shoot opportunities for visitors

Location:Fort Langley, BC Canada

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