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Thursday, March 24, 2011


This simple band of stainless steel by Katherine Kerr twists upon itself to reflect events and visions of both the past and the present. It is located on Lonsdale Avenue close to the North Vancouver City library.

There are many events recorded here. I was particularly interested in the 2nd Narrows Bridge story and found this account of the incidents in Re:Place Magazine "In the 1930's a barge, Pacific Gatherer, going under the Second Narrows Bridge (the 1925 version, long gone) got stuck beneath the span . . . at low tide. Witnesses looked on in helpless horror as the tide began to rise, the barge began to crush against the bridge, and the bridge began to buckle. No one was hurt, but the span would be put out of commission for four years. It had been hit by ships three times before the barge incident, and would be hit again after it was repaired. It came to be known as “The Bridge of Sighs,” and would be demolished by 1970"

Very close to the band I found this wonderful compass embedded in the sidewalk

Location:North Vancouver,Canada

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