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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ambassador of Peace

This beautiful bronze work of art "Ambassador of Peace" can be seen when driving down Boundary Rd towards the airport. Behind the statue is a wall of community, it is dedicated to Korean War Veterans and displays names of veterans who died in the Korean War.

The plaque reads: The Korean Veterans Association of BC gratefully appreciates the generosity of the city of Burnaby for donating the site in Central Park.......

This was my first visit to Central Park and it was if the wild life were saying "good morning, welcome"

I walked further into the Park and came across a beautiful lake where you can sit on a bench near by and watch the wild life.

I was intrigued by the area where horseshoes are a competitive sport played mostly in the summer.

On my way around the park I noticed many families out for a stroll. The play area is a great place to stop and watch the children enjoy a well planned slide area.

Location:Central Park Burnaby

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