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Friday, February 18, 2011

Trans Canada Trail

Trans Canada Trail: The 18,000 Kilometre Dream
The Trans Canada Trail is the longest recreational trail of it's kind in the world connecting communities and cultures from coast to coast.
In the summer of 2003, the Aboriginal Pavilion for the Trans Canada Trail was officially opened by the City of North Vancouver in Waterfront Park.
The pavilion is recognized as one of only three National Level Pavilions in Canada, and marks the Trans Canada Trail's presence on the North Shore.

Written on the plaque to the left of these beautiful works of art:
Greeting Figures
"Our hands and arms welcome you to this sacred area"
Daren Yelton
Squamish Nation Carver

Two elder figures greet you in friendship to the Trans Canada Trail. Both wear traditional cedar hats and vests with white doves representing peace and friendship.
Salmon, symbolic of our cycle of life, and a bald eagle symbolic of power and prestige are represented on the figures.
Mother earth high above the carvings welcomes the world to our wonderful city.
The plaque is held by a grizzly bear which represents strength to our people.

.More information about the trail can be found on the BC Website

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