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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Search Engine/ Train Art

This remarkable work of art by Bruce Voyce can be found at the Holdom Sky Train Station in Vancouver. Traces of shrubs in various areas of the train make me wonder if it is in fact a beautiful garden display in the summer. The plaque below reads: This artwork is inspired by a local legend dating back to the early 1900's. A conductor returned to his unattended locomotive only to find that it had disappeared into the soft soil near Still Creek

The murals below by Steve Hornung are part of an art project that spans about 250 ft. This fabulous display of art is on the back of commercial buildings across from the Renfrew Street Sky Train Station.

Location:Holdom Sky Train Station, Vancouver BC, Renfrew St Sky Train Station


  1. I love these. My Grandfather was a Civil Engineer that worked creating railway lines in BC.MY great great Uncle Developed time zones so the trains would all run on the same timetable. He was inspired while sitting in the rain in Ireland for a train he had missed due to time conflicts.

  2. Hi Mary
    I love it when people connect to my posts and thanks for sharing your information

  3. I'm enjoying these tours around the lower mainland - thanks for the great posts Pauline.

  4. Thanks Ian glad you're enjoying it