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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Long Ascent / Waiting

Horses ascending from the waterfront on the left side, hauled supplies up the steep incline to developing residential and commercial sites. The path formed by stainless steel hoof prints leads where horses paused for a well needed rest. The original water trough from 1915 still stands at this point. Veronica & Edwin Dam de Nogales, Sculptures

A similar monument can be found at the Albert Dock in Liverpool, England. It is a life-size bronze statue of a shire horse called 'Waiting' The statue is a monument to honour the city's hard-working dock horses and carters that worked in the city for 250 years. Designed by renowned sculptor Judy Boyt

Location:Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver,BC/ Liverpool, England


  1. He looks so tired! I had no idea he had done some much work.

  2. And that's only half way up the hill

  3. Amazing. I love it! And the processing is great. Very creative!

  4. I've missed so much..Haven't seen those - must be new..Beautiful - Thank You Pauline- such a wonderful Blog