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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I had the privilege of touring the newest building of the convention centre this week and was struck by the beautiful works of art in the hallway. Made from the branches of pine beetle-infected forests from BC’s Interior, Floats are impressive in both their size and construction. Finnish sculptor, Pernu, works with natural materials to highlight the relationship between humans and nature, emphasizing the need to manage our natural resources in an ethical way.

Location:Vancouver Convention Centre

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  1. Hi As I live in lumber country the University here did research on what you could do with it. They made noveltys and furniture It was beautiful Also some local crafts person. Unfortunatly I do not think it was available in large amounts locally. The only think I am aware of there was a shipment of the wood or paneling of pine beetle damaged wood sent to Germany. To the best of my knowlege they have not done any more but my knowlege of the situation is limited. Part of the problem is after it dies it has a life expectancy. It has to be used within a time frame. thanks for posting