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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bald Eagle

While I was walking along the sea wall yesterday I came across this magnificent sight, a work of art for sure. Not afraid of the crowd that had gathered around him he modelled for us with various different poses.
I was very happy to read the information below.

Throughout their range, Bald Eagles have undergone dramatic fluctuations over the past two centuries. In Canada, Bald Eagles were once common throughout the Maritime provinces, along the Pacific coast, and around large inland water bodies in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Whereas Bald Eagles in Ontario were once distributed throughout the province, from the lower Great Lakes north to the tree line, they are currently common only in northern Ontario, with highest nesting densities reached in the northwest. Bald Eagles have recovered from near-extirpation in the early 1980s to establish a small, slowly increasing population.

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